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Mixed Media & Collage
mixedmediapic.jpg In addition to painting, I enjoy working with other forms of art. For many years, a series of mixed media work, as well as collages, have allowed the exploration of different types of materials and themes. They provide me with an outlet for my constructionist tendencies, while maintaining a fine art format.

Particularly successful are mixed media layered paper constructions. These works are a unique vision and have been quite popular with collectors of fine art. I have been producing them for over twenty years and they provide clients with a less expensive, original piece of artwork, which are one of a kind. Most of them are a cut paper overlay, which is painted and gold leafed, and then attached to a Plexiglas painted background. This creates a layered, three dimensional work of art. This technique is unusual and I know of no other artists working in this type of mixed media. Because of the gold leafing they are difficult to photograph. The examples on this page do not do them the justice they deserve. It should be noted that all of the constructions are hand cut, without the use of lasers or mechanical devices.

Also included in this section are collages, which include printed images from various sources, as well as hand drawing and painting. This type of work dates to the Dadaist period of the twentieth century. I have only included a few examples because most of them have sold quickly prior to photographic documentation and they were completed in my earlier years as an artist.

Additionally, I have a piece from a series of complex wood constructions. These works are quite rare and again, documentation was not completed. Anyone owning one of these early pieces is encouraged to contact me. I would sincerely appreciate any photographs of this series that may be available. They were very time consuming to produce and eventually developed into the layered mixed media paper constructions I produce today.

It is my hope that you enjoy these works independently of the paintings. Many clients enjoy them more than the paintings and collect them when they are available. 


Lavender Bayou

The Warmth of the Sun II

Zig Zag Dragonfly

Sunrise at Water’s Edge II

Thistle II


Three Shells Three

Autumn at Silverlake

Seahorse With Iris

Dragonflies are Dancing III

Dragonflies are Dancing II

Dragonflies are Dancing


Santa Barbara Sunset

A Flower for Roxanne

Blue Eagle

Full Moon Breeze

Peregrine Falcon

Water’s Edge

Night Flowers

Sapphire Afternoon

Spring at Silverlake

Tree of Sighs II

Mirror of the Bayou

Indigo Sky

A Rose for JG

O is for Oasis

Chocolate Bayou

From Silverlake

Tree of Sighs

Triangles Revenge

Crazed Hairdryers Strike Again

Sylvia’s Russian Trip

Joker Among the Arches

Self Portrait of #1

Mayan Wall At Night

Mountain Drive Living


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